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Youth Unemployment

Youth Unemployment in Cheshire East


One million young people are now unemployed. Long-term unemployment for Young People has risen by 80% since 2000.  This is a tragedy - it will limit the potential of a whole generation.  Young people need more apprenticeships, more vocational training and the restoration of the Education Maintenance Allowance to encourage those from poorer families to stay in education longer in order to prepare them for appropriate jobs.


In spite of this dreadful situation, the phrase “youth unemployment” did not pass George ­Osborne’s lips in Wednesday’s Budget speech.  Ed Balls MP, on the other hand, is demanding a Bankers' Bonus tax to pay for new jobs and Andy Burnham MP has suggested a UCAS scheme for apprenticeships. 

A year ago David Milliband published a report, Youth Unemployment: the crisis we cannot afford, showing how soaring levels of youth unemployment can be tackled, including the establishment of "youth employment partnerships" in areas of high youth unemployment. The report says, 

"This cannot just be a public sector effort. The jobs will come from the private and voluntary sectors as well as the public and, to engage many of the most disadvantaged young people, the involvement of voluntary sector organisations will be crucial – from housing associations to community groups working with disengaged people not in education, employment or training."

Cllr Sam Corcoran, Labour Councillor for Sandbach Heath & East, said

“A whole generation of young people is being written off by the Conservatives’ failed economic and educational policies. We need to take action to provide work for young people so that they do not slide into the despondency of long term unemployment.”


Crewe Town Council candidate Ben Minshall said,

“In Cheshire East alone 5.5% of 18 - 24 year olds are claiming Job Seekers Allowance. That figure is only 1.6% lower than the UK figure and 2.6% lower than theNorth West figure. That is a shocking indictment on employment figures as a borough and that is the future that more will face if we do not take steps to make work available for our 16 - 19 year olds. This is a damning statement of how much this Tory led government, propped up by Tory wolves in yellow LibDem clothing, have given to our youth. I myself am at university but worry of what the future will hold when I have no work to enter into in order to pay back my debts. The North West in particular needs some real, deep-seated investment in all sectors for this to change.”

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