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Youth Homelessness

Youth Homelessness


On Thursday Cheshire East Council agreed to a proposal by Cllr Michelle Sherratt

and Cllr Sam Corcoran that Cheshire East Council recognises its responsibility in

providing safe and secure routes for young people who find themselves temporarily

homeless, and resolved to work closely with other organisations to ensure that all such

young people receive appropriate help.


Cllr Michelle Sherratt, Labour Councillor for Crewe West, said,

“Depressingly enough, 80,000 young people experience homelessness each year often

through no fault of their own.

Out of these 80,000 some will have recently left the care system, suffered abuse,

bullying or been released from prison or suffered from mental health issues or


Youth homelessness has many causes and takes many forms, including sofa surfing

and unfit housing, as well as rough sleeping.

Increasing youth unemployment is also a serious factor with over 935,000 young

people now classified as NEET up from 810,000 at the end of last year.

Young people need extra support to address these needs, but if they receive this, they

can make great strides.

In the light of the current financial climate, it is crucial that young people’s needs are

fully understood and acknowledged to ensure that more safeguards are put in place so

the spending cuts do not adversely affect the most vulnerable.


I would like cabinet to consider the further damage that will be done if the coalition's

unworkable and irresponsible policy for the under 25's housing benefit is taken away,

this highly questionable move to save £1.8bn risks condemning further thousands of

vulnerable young people to homelessness.”


Cllr Sam Corcoran, Labour Councillor for Sandbach Heath & East, said,

“I do wish all councillors a Merry Christmas, but each year my joy is tinged with

sadness knowing that Christmas is a time of increased pressures on families and a

time of increased family breakdown. This motion should not be taken as a criticism of

the good work already being done by Cheshire East Council to bring empty properties

back into use and to help those who are homeless. This motion IS an important

reminder that the problem of youth homelessness is likely to get worse and that we

need to prepare for that, particularly at this time of year when the nights are getting


I hope that all the Council will support this motion which highlights the plight of an

increasing number of young people and states that this Council is doing something to

help. Please support this motion and wish everybody a Merry Christmas.”

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