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Womens Safety

Labour's 5 Point plan on women's safety. 

Labour North West’s police and crime commissioner candidates have pledged to:


1. Develop and roll out an integrated local action plan to tackle violence against women and girls – ensuring that VAWG is also prioritised in the local crime and policing plan and appointing a lead specialist, responsible for delivering the plan; 
2. Ensuring specialist domestic violence and public protection units within the police service continue to be supported - whilst also striving to maintain the important existing network of independent advisors and advocates to women survivors of violence; 
3. Deliver specialist training in dealing with domestic and sexual violence, and stalking – as well as other forms of violence against women and girls, for neighbourhood police officers, for those in specialist protection units and for those involved in commissioning services for the survivors of violence; 
4. Support early intervention to tackle violence against women and girls – valuing the importance of working with schools, local authorities and community-based organisations to change attitudes and behaviour; 
5. Pilot preventative policing projects in some areas – to promote the active monitoring and management of serial perpetrators of domestic and sexual violence, and stalking.


Labour's policy review follows on from the 'Everywoman Safe Everywhere' consultation which highlighted concerns amongst women about provision of services for people affected by domestic abuse.

Labour's Women's Safety Commission interim report details a disproportionate 31% cut in funding to refuges and services tackling domestic violence, 230 people being turned away from refuges on an average day in 2011, the number of Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVAs) being reduced and the closure of specialist domestic violence courts and specialist police units under threat from the Tory-led Government's 20 per cent cuts to the police budget.

You can review the reports findings in detail here:,2012-03-07

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