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The Labour Group fully supports extra help to support youngsters in difficulty to prevent them getting into trouble and being taken into care. Although Multi-Systemic Therapy (MST) is being promoted as 'pioneering' the approach/principle has been around for many years and was always fundamental in social work training.   All professionals working with children and their families consider the Systems in which that child is living. 

The Labour Group welcomes anything that will help families who are facing many challenges and welcomes an approach that considers factors that may be preventing satisfactory parenting. Although MST is a short-term intensive intervention it has good outcomes.


The families being targeted will often be socially and economically isolated, their children disadvantaged compared with their peers. MST can have positive outcomes but should not be delivered in isolation.  Early intervention is vital to help parents and carers to improve and enhance their parenting skills and starts much earlier. Sure Start and Children's Centres have an important role in preventing the need for intervention later and should be adequately resourced and maintained.


Laura Jeuda, Labour Councillor for Macclesfield South said,

“I welcome an approach that helps families that are facing many challenges. The service is going to intensive and as there is only £200.000 in total to cover Cheshire East and West the money will not stretch very far. Who will benefit and how will those young people be chosen for the programme? Will the service be funded once the grant has run out?”


Michelle Sherratt, Labour Councillor for Crewe West said,

“Early intervention can prevent children being taken into care and does save money in the long run. I am pleased to see that funding from the Department for Education has been secured to support this programme. I hope that Cheshire East Council will now recognise the case for further investment in early intervention so as to save money in the long run.”

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