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Tories Block Discussion of £225k Report

The Culture of Secrecy was again evident at Cheshire East Council’s Audit & Governance Committee meeting on Friday 27 September when Conservatives blocked further discussion on Lyme Green.


Labour Councillor Sam Corcoran proposed that the committee should review whether its recommendations from June 2012 on managing issues arising from the Lyme Green episode had been followed up properly. Particular concerns were over reviewing the planning function of Cheshire East Council when it was considering its own planning applications and whether the public had been misled.


The motion proposed was : “that the work plan should include an annual review of Lyme Green to include review of items 3 & 4 from the resolution of the Audit & Governance Committee of June 2012:


(3) it be noted that with regard to the Council’s planning functions, a further

review is recommended to consider whether the current organisational

structure compromises the delivery of the Council’s often conflicting

demands of planning enforcement, service delivery and development;


(4) the Council, in accordance with its staffing policies, instigate an immediate independent review of the conduct of staff mentioned in the report and consider whether there is a case for appropriate disciplinary or other action to be pursued, the review to include consideration of whether the public or any Members were misled.”



Councillor Corcoran’s motion was rejected on the casting vote of the chair.




Labour Group Finance Spokesman Cllr Sam Corcoran said, “How can it be right that a committee instigates a report which costs £225,000 to produce and then does not follow up that report or even check to see whether its recommendations have been carried out?



“The culture of fear, mistrust and secrecy still prevails at Cheshire East Council.”

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