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Speaking after the Cheshire East council meeting on the 19th July, Cllr Corcoran said:

“I think there is a recognition that there is a serious problem with the Cheshire East road network and that there is also a national problem.

Cllr Menlove said at the council meeting that Cheshire East Highways has detailed and comprehensive information on the state of the roads.  All councillors should see it.  He said that using the council’s asset management system drops out a list of prioritised road repairs.

I suggest that the complete list of prioritised outstanding road maintenance should be published on the internet.

Road maintenance works should be prioritised on the basis of that published list.

There are two benefits of making the list available to councillors.

  1. If the list is available to all members then they can all see the basis on which it has been decided which roads need repair.  This will dispel the perception of political bias.
  2. Councillors can challenge the information if they think it’s wrong.  This will enable errors in the information to be corrected by those with local knowledge.”
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