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Cllr Brendan Murphy said at the Cheshire East council meeting on 19th July that the Crewe Chronicle had been ‘blackballed’ by the council.  If this is true it raises disturbing questions about political interference in the role of Cheshire East Council press office.  The role of the press office is to publicise information about the work of the council.  This should be done without party political spin and without party political interference  

The Leader of the Council, Cllr Michael Jones, has publicly expressed dismay at the Crewe Chronicle’s coverage of the exclusion of councillors from the Staffing Committee.  To hear now that the Crewe Chronicle may have been blackballed raises concerns that there may have been party political interference in the operation of the press office.

The Leader of the Council may not always like what the newspapers print about what he has done, but he should not involve the Cheshire East Council press office in his disputes with individual newspapers.

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