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Police Numbers Plummet in Cheshire

John Stockton calls for plan to cut crime, not police.


ALARMING new figures show police numbers have fallen to their lowest for nearly a decade across England and Wales; including the loss of 144 officers in Cheshire since March 2010.


John Stockton, Labour’s Cheshire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) candidate, is calling for the Government to change course and implement a proper plan to cut crime, not just police officers.


The figures show that there are now nearly 10,000 fewer officers on our streets across the country, with the majority of the officers lost coming from 999, neighbourhood and traffic response units - the officers we rely on in an emergency.

In Cheshire, the number of police officers fell from 2,155 in May 2010 to 2,011 in May 2012 – a total of 144 fewer officers protecting our communities.  Furthermore, these are projected to drop even further to 1,973 by March 2013.


John Stockton, Labour’s Cheshire PCC candidate, said:

"The Government need to realise that you don’t cut crime by cutting 144 police officers. Cheshire Constabulary's capacity to prevent crime, detect and arrest criminals is being undermined by cuts that go too far, too fast.

“Police budgets have been cut by 20% and in four years here in Cheshire we will lose nearly 250 police officers, reducing the force to less than 2,000 police.

“This cannot be good in helping to reduce crime in Cheshire; there’s already been a worrying increase in the amount of robberies, sex offences and drug offences in recent months.

"Crime fell by 43 per cent with Labour according to the British Crime Survey and I’ll be campaigning hard to ensure we continue to cut crime, not police in Cheshire. I’m calling on the Government to think again to save the vital police officer jobs that protect our community.” 

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