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Olympic Worries

Olympic Concerns

Yvette Cooper MP, Shadow Home Secretary, said:

"These reports are extremely disturbing and need to be investigated immediately.

"Theresa May took the decision to cut over 900 staff from the UK Border force since the election, pushing up queues and forcing a last minute panicked recruitment of extra staff for the Olympics as a result. These security lapses appear to be a direct result of that decision.

"Instead of going to ground again the Home Secretary needs to take responsibility for her decisions and tell us urgently whether border security has been compromised. The Borders Inspector should also urgently investigate lapses that may have taken place.

"Last year's borders fiasco was bad enough. But these are extremely serious suggestions that  people on security watch lists have being waved through our borders due to thte pressure of queues and the inexperience of the new temporary staff.

"Theresa May has had many warnings about the risk to borders this year as a result of her cuts, yet she has ignored them.

"Keeping our borders secure and the public safe is a vital responsibility of the Home Secretary. Yet she is not only letting everyone down, it is clear her own decisions have made the problem worse

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