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Mountview under threat


200 people signed our petiition against the closure of Mountview at a street stall event in Congleton Town Centre on Saturday 16th March.  Feelings are running high against this proposal which will deprive vulnerable older people and their carers of an essential local facility.

Local activists Lisa and George Bossons and Ernie Clarke are continuing to collect names for the petition.

A public meeting will be organised in the near future.

Mountview is a 35 bedroomed care home providing vital respite, re-ablement and day services for older people.  At Mountview there is a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, home cooked food and caring, well-trained staff who do their best to help service users to have an enjoyable stay.  They are responsible for their wellbeing and personal care and offer dependable and discreet support 24 hours a day.

Mountview is under threat of closure by Cheshire East Council.  Although council leader, Michael Jones, said at the Council meeting on February 28th that the matter is still under review, staff at Mountview have been issued with 90 day notices.   Mountview is the only such facility in Congleton.  If it closes disadvantaged older people and their carers will have to travel to Crewe or Macclesfield.  The resulting travel time will make respite care impractical for many and day services unrealistic.

Congleton residents, Lisa and George Bossons, use Mountview to support George’s brother who has learning difficulties.  George says that “over the last six months booking for respite has to go through social services and not directly with Mountview staff as was previously the case.  The fact that this has made booking more difficult might account for the drop in usage suggested by Cheshire East”. 

“We found out by accident at an annual care review around three years ago that we were allowed 56 respite days a year. This was news to us and there must be hundreds of people out there that are never told what they are entitled to.”

“We have to pay for my brother’s stay at Mountview.  We also now pay for his morning home carer, a person to do his shopping and a person to clean his home.  All of these were provided by Cheshire East but since the cuts they withdrew these services.”

Cheshire East has now announced a formal public consultation on the future of Mountview, running fromMarch 7 until April 25.  Make sure your voice is heard.

Whilst all councils need to make cuts as a result of the coalition government’s ill-conceived austerity programme, they have a choice as to where economies are made.  Making the disadvantaged elderly suffer is hardly the mark of a caring council.

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