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Major issues with demise of Dial-a-Ride scheme

Council Treated Volunteers Appallingly



At the Cheshire East Council meeting on Thursday, Cllr Sam Corcoran presented a report on the demise of the old Crewe & Nantwich Dial-a-Ride and recommended that the trustees of the Charity that provided the service should receive a total of £3,000 compensation for the defamatory comments made about them by a Conservative Cabinet member.


It was not disputed at the meeting that defamatory comments had been made about the trustees, but Conservatives refused to pay any compensation because no legal action was being taken by any of the trustees. In fact the Tories main pre-occupation in the debate was to try to make political capital rather than addressing any of the issues raised in the report.


Speaking after the meeting Cllr Sam Corcoran said,

“When I first raised the issue of Dial-a-Ride at Cheshire East Council it was about an inaccurate press release. I was expecting an apology and a commitment to check information more carefully in future.

Instead the Leader of the Council said that ‘this council doesn’t always tell the truth’ and the Deputy Leader admitted that he knew the press release was incorrect, but decided not to issue a correction.

I think it matters that this council is not telling the truth. We should always tell the truth. Where confidentiality is concerned that may well mean saying I’m not answering that question because the information is confidential, but we should not make untrue statements.”


Cllr David Newton said,

“It seems to me that whenever an issue is raised that is uncomfortable for the Conservatives they say it is ‘political’.

For me the most telling part of this report is in Appendix E which shows that the over-riding priority of the council at that time was to avoid political embarrassment instead of paying more attention to satisfying itself that all avenues had been properly explored and processes properly followed.”



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