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Get Better Question

As a follow up to our Get Better Card event outside Cheshire East's offices on 21st February, the following question was put to Michael Jones at the Council meeting on the 28th February:

Given the coalition Government's pressure on all Councils to reduce expenditure, the very least that the residents of Cheshire East have a right to expect is that their Council does not waste money through mismanagement and the pursuit of poorly thought-through policies.

The card to bepresented to the Council Leader identifies some of the Council’s costly blunders of the past few years.   The Lyme Green debacle is only the most spectacular of these. The fact that the Council refuses to publish the Lyme Green report, and other indicators such as the comparison that has been made between Lyme Green and the Bewilderwood development, suggest that the Council leadership is not learning from the experience of previous problems caused by mismanagement and inadequate planning.

The Council is now embarking on a massive re-organisation of its management structure and proceeding with an extensive redundancy programme, consequently outsourcing most of the Council's services.  In the light of the Council's recent history, what assurance can the residents of East Cheshire feel that these radical changes will not be marked by further poor planning and financial mismanagement?

Michael Jones replied that the Council was now one of the best performing in the country and that the problems we listed on the card had been dealt with.
We will watch the performance of the council with interest and hold them to account if things start to go wrong again.

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