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Domestic Violence Campaign

From detection to protection: John Stockton & Kate Green launch campaign to close the domestic violence intervention gap

LABOUR’S policy review 'from detection to prevention' is being launched today (Tuesday 17th July 2012). 

Two women every week are killed at the hands of their abuser in England and Wales. Latest statistics show one in five 999 calls are about domestic violence.

The new campaign - being rolled out across the North West - aims to create a step change in tackling the devastating problem of domestic abuse. Labour’s police and crime commissioner candidates – who have committed to an anti domestic violence five point action plan (go to Our Campaigns for more details) – are engaging in a major consultation exercise that includes speaking to women’s refuge centres

They will explore processes that would enable the police and other bodies to become more pro-active in preventing domestic violence offending and in supporting survivors.

John Stockton, Labour’s police and crime commissioner candidate, said:

“Though many people in Cheshire have worked hard to prevent and tackle domestic abuse, the truth is that it is still far too high and too easily ignored.

“Every year thousands of incidents of domestic violence lead to no further action at all to keep victims safe, to prevent further abuse, to help people leave abusive relationships or to prosecute. This has to change, we should not tolerate this level of serious violence, injury and harm in homes across Cheshire.

“If elected I will work with the police on a new approach to prevention work with cases that don’t currently reach prosecution identifying and targeting perpetrators involved in repeat violence in order to keep victims safe.”

MP Kate Green, Labour’s Shadow Equalities Minister, said:

“At the start of the year I was involved in helping to launch the Everywoman Safe Everywhere Commission with the overarching objective to improve women's personal safety.

“The response to the Commission has been extremely strong; it’s clear that funding cuts of more than 30% for refuges and specialist advice are undermining action against domestic violence.

“Women should never be trapped in a violent relationship or in a cycle of sexual abuse because of a lack of support; nor should they be worried walking home.

“We need now a step change in action. When so many victims cry out for urgent help they must not be ignored.”

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