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Congleton Youth Jobs

Local young people are crying out for action on jobs


Young people in Congleton Constituency are crying out for action on jobs.


The number of young people out of work for a year in our area is up 800% in the last year. Across the country it has quadrupled, so the increase in Congleton Constituency is twice the national average.


Yet still complacent ministers are refusing to bring in a plan for jobs and growth. Locally 45 young people would be helped into work if this government brought in Labour’s Real Jobs Guarantee. Ministers should stop talking and start acting on youth jobs.


Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Liam Byrne said:


"The headline fall in unemployment is a welcome respite in a blizzard of bad economic news. But the number of young people on the dole long term has now quadrupled in a year and long term unemployment rose sharply again. And the number claiming welfare payments went up yet again.


"These are exactly the people the Government’s Work Programme is supposed to get into jobs, and today is fresh evidence that the beleaguered Work Programme isn’t working.


"British business is doing its bit. It’s a shame that the Government is doing so little to help. In fact, around the country the business community is complaining about the bewildering confusion of back to work schemes, none of which appear to be helping.


"George Osborne’s failed policies have delivered a double-dip recession and a £150bn of extra borrowing, and that is holding Britain back. We urgently need a plan for jobs and growth to get the economy moving again and Ministers should start by bringing in Labour’s Real Jobs Guarantee to get our young people back to work."

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