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Congleton Toilet Closure

Public Toilets Likely to be Closed



In a desperate attempt to hold down council tax, Cheshire East Council has transferred responsibility for many loss-making services to Town and Parish Councils, which have had to increase their precepts to pay for the extra services.  Now the Conservatives’ plans to devolve these services are beginning to cause problems for Cheshire East residents:  the public toilets in Congleton could be closed on 3 June 2013 after Cheshire East Council offered them to Congleton Town Council which refused to take them on.


The final decision on closing the toilets in Congleton will be taken by Congleton Cllr David Topping, as the Cheshire East Council Cabinet Member responsible for Congleton West.

Two Tory Councillors sit on both Cheshire East and Congleton Councils (Gordon Baxendale and David Brown) and so have a foot in both camps in this dispute.

Closing the toilets will clearly cause great inconvenience to many Congleton residents.  


Congleton Labour Spokeswoman Lisa Bossons said,

“As a result of this fight between Conservative-controlled Cheshire East Council and a Conservative-controlled Congleton Town Council, the residents of CongletonTown will lose their public toilets.”


Former Congleton Mayor Ernie Clarke said,

“At a time when high streets are under pressure and many councils are trying to support town centres, the Conservatives are closing the public toilets. This latest blow comes when the fiasco of parking fees still hasn’t been sorted out. The Conservatives just don’t seem to realise the damage they are doing to our town.”


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