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Cllr Mendlove Resigns

Who’s Next?



In 2011 Cheshire East Council spent over £800,000 on a waste transfer facility at Lyme Green near Macclesfield, without getting planning permission and breached EU procurement rules. The Council’s own planning board refused to grant planning permission and work was stopped. An independent investigator was commissioned to look into the affair and has just reported back.


On 7 January, Cllr Rod Menlove resigned from his position on the Cabinet, which he has held throughout the Lyme Green affair and retained for more than a year after the fiasco.


Under the limits in force in September 2011, approvals over £100,000 had to be made in consultation with the relevant Cabinet Member and Resources Member. At the time of the Lyme Green fiasco, Rod Menlove was the relevant Cabinet Member and Michael Jones was the Resources Member. Cllr Menlove has finally done the honourable thing and resigned.


Cllr Michael Jones is quoted as saying that “it was not clear who had authority to act and who was ultimately accountable”. Clearly Cllr Menlove has recognised that it is the Cabinet Members who are ultimately accountable. Will other Cabinet Members reach the same conclusion?


Cllr Michael Jones is also quoted as saying “the Investigator’s report must remain confidential”.


Cllr Sam Corcoran said,

“Cllr Michael Jones should make clear that the Investigator’s report into Lyme Green will be made public as soon as staff disciplinary procedures are completed.”

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