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Cheshire East Living Wage

Living Wage



At the Cheshire East Council meeting in December a motion to increase the hourly rate of the lowest paid workers at Cheshire East Council to a Living Wage of £7.45 per hour was proposed & seconded by Labour Councillors Laura Jeuda and Gill Boston.


The proposal was referred to the Cabinet of Cheshire East Council for further discussion. The Labour group welcomes the decision of the Cabinet to investigate the proposal further.


This is what PricewaterhouseCoopers say about the living wage.

“We all benefit. Since we adopted the Living Wage in 2006, turnover [of employees] amongst our contractors has dropped from 4% to 1%, reducing costs for our suppliers and contributing to a more consistent service for our business.”

Here is a major accountancy firm reaching the conclusion that treating your staff decently is good for your business.


David Newton, Leader of the Labour Group, told the Cheshire East Cabinet that the Living Wage was a far better way to deal with problems of poverty, than attacking welfare benefits. He said, "George Osborne says that he is keen to support work, 'to make work pay'. Why, then, are so many people who are in work, having to rely on benefits to give them a decent standard of living? Increasing the minimum wage to a living wage, as proposed in this motion, would not only lift many working people out of the welfare net, and recognise the dignity of work, but also reduce the need for taxpayers to subsidise companies so that they can continue to pay low wages. I welcome the recommendation to Cabinet to look further into how the living wage might be introduced in Cheshire East Council. It is not difficult to do. It simply requires the will to do so."



Cllr Laura Jeuda, Labour Councillor for Macclesfield South, said,

“I am delighted that I had the opportunity on behalf of the Labour Group to bring this important issue of the Living Wage to the Council, and I welcome the Cabinet decision to explore it further.

Only this week it was reported in the press that Government Ministers are planning to target low paid workers in receipt of tax credits to press them to find better paid work or to lose this extra help.


Hard working people in low paid jobs are experiencing extreme financial hardship to make ends meet.  It is estimated that over 60% of children in poverty are children of working parents.  The Living Wage will not only benefit them personally but also their increased spending power will boost the local economy.

This makes the adoption of the Living Wage in Cheshire East Council a matter of urgency"



Cllr Sam Corcoran said,

“When PricewaterhouseCoopers implemented a living wage policy they noticed improvements in staff morale, staff retention and productivity. A living wage is not only a fair and just policy, it also makes good business sense.”




The full text of the motion put to Council on 13/12/12 is as follows:


The Living Wage

 Recent research by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation has found that it is becoming increasingly difficult for people on low incomes to maintain a decent standard of living and that many people are experiencing 'in work poverty'.

 Other research shows that a Living Wage of £7.45 an hour would help to lift these families out of poverty and its introduction has been widely supported across all the major political parties, by the Mayor of London, the Anglican General Synod and the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales.

 Cheshire East Council therefore welcomes and supports the adoption of the Living Wage by the Mayor of London and thirty five councils across the country and will adopt the policy for its own employees.

 Cheshire East Council will also ensure that companies and organisations commissioned to carry out work on its behalf pay the Living Wage of £7.45 an hour to their employees.


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