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Alsager Plan

The final report by Cheshire East has now been published.  The draft report was originally prepared by CEC Planning Officers following meetings by a stakeholder panel consisting of representatives of the Town Council, Alsager Partnership and various other community groups.  This draft strategy caused untold upset in the town because it identified several greenfield areas as possible development sites.  Thankfully the final report discounted almost all of these sites following consultations with residents.  However a planning application was received by CEC for a part of one of these greenfield sites and was, surprisingly, approved, and then we find in the final report that this site was the only one to be retained of all the greenfield sites originally listed.  Which came first - listing or approval?  Would an application have been made if the site had not been originally identified?  Is the listing a way of CEC avoiding planning appeals?  People in Alsager are very cynical about the intentions of the Tory controlled CEC towards the only Lib/Dem corner of the County.  The people of Alsager need to rid themselves of these ineffective Lib/Dem councillors and elect Labour representatives to boost the only viable opposition to the incompetent Tory Cheshire East Council. 


The Labour Town Councillors, Bill, Bob and Simon, are very annoyed that this final report was brought to the last council meeting to be signed off without the council having had the opportunity to discuss the issues beforehand.  What is the purpose of democratic elections if CEC just consults selected sections of the community and then produce a fait accomplis to be accepted by the council?  Our discontent will continue to be voiced in future meetings.

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